What to Expect

When Visiting The Emergency Department

When you arrive at Sensenbrenner Hospital ER please take a number and wait to be called. When you are called to the triage desk please present your health card, where you will be assessed by the nurse. Once the nurse has assessed your condition you will be prioritized according to your ailment and not your time of arrival. Please bring all medication bottles with every visit (or complete list of medications). If your condition changes while waiting to see the physician please advise the nurse.

Wait times

Your wait times are based on the severity of the problem versus time of arrival.

Emergency- Means life threatening. i.e. Major Trauma, Heart Attack, conditions which threaten life or limb(s)

Urgent- Means your condition requires care within 24 hours e.g.- pain or a patient is unable to see family doctor because of weekend or holidays.

Deferrable- Means does not require use of Emergency Room. Ailment can be treated in doctor's office

Scheduled- Means a scheduled visit to the Emergency Department

When visiting other departments at the Sensenbrenner Hospital please present yourself to the department registration desk and you will be directed to the appropriate area.



C. difficile Rates:
March 0.00 per 1529 patient days


April to June 0.00


April to June 0.00