Health Records

The Health Records Department shall support the overall mission of the hospital by ensuring that for every person admitted as an inpatient, outpatient or emergency client, there shall exist a medical record and the record shall be confidential, current, complete, accurate, legible, readily accessible and usable for retrieving information.

Services provided by Health Records include but are not limited to the storage and control of inpatient and outpatient records; transcription of all inpatient, outpatient and diagnostic imaging reports; provide statistical information and perform audits for medical staff and other staff as required; and translating clinical information into numerical data that is then sent to the Canadian Institute for Health Information and the Ministry of Health where this information can be used to determine funding and service needs of the community among other things.

Hours of Operation: 07:00 hrs. to 16:00 hrs. Monday to Friday
09:00 hrs. to 17:00 hrs. Weekends and Statutory Holidays

Release of Information: We require a signed consent form in order to be able to release information about you. The consent form must be signed by a parent (for patients under the age of 16), the patient or a legal guardian. Please keep in mind there maybe a fee for your request. (button to download release form)

For more information, you can reach the Health Records Department by:

General Inquiries: 705-337-4005

Fax: 705-337-4049

Manager: Ms. Sabina Reckzine, CHIM

Telephone: 705-337-4039




C. difficile Rates:
March 0.00 per 1529 patient days


April to June 0.00


April to June 0.00