Sensenbrenner Hospital respects your Privacy.
All information related to an individual at Sensenbrenner Hospital must be treated as confidential. This information may be written, verbal or in any other form. Even the knowledge that an individual is in the Hospital must not be volunteered or acknowledged without the consent of the individual.
Confidentiality extends to everything the staff at Sensenbrenner Hospital learn in the exercise of their duties. It extends to both important and unimportant information, the nature of the patient's illness, the cause, the treatment and all information the patient may disclose with a view to giving a better understanding for treatment of the ailment, etc.; all information the doctor learns from the examination of the patient; the reactions of the patient, their conduct in the Hospital; anything that may be disclosed while in delirium; their financial status; the conditions at home; or domestic difficulties. These are all confidential matters.
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C. difficile Rates:
March 0.00 per 1529 patient days


April to June 0.00


April to June 0.00