What to Bring

*Ontario Health Card
*Details of any additional health coverage or insurance policies
*For workplace sustained injuries please bring your Social Insurance card and WSIB claim number
*Power of Attorney for Personal Care Information
*Emergency contact numbers


Medications, which you are now taking (preferably in their original containers) or a list of their names and instructions, including both prescriptions & non prescriptions products

Personal Items for Overnight Admission

*Sleep attire, robe, slippers and comfortable clothing
*Grooming items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, shaving supplies and sanitary items
*Lip balm and skin cream (non scented)
*Address book with phone numbers that you may require
*Small amounts of money for newspapers, magazine, gift shop items, toiletries, etc

Child - favorite toy or blanket, diapers (if required)
Newborn - diapers, sleepers and appropriate clothing for discharge

The on-site gift shop has a limited stock of any essential items.




C. difficile Rates:
March 0.00 per 1529 patient days


April to June 0.00


April to June 0.00