Patient Declarations Of Values


In an effort to improve the Quality of Care provided to Kapuskasing and surrounding area residents by Sensenbrenner Hospital, the Board of Directors is requesting that you take a moment to provide your feedback, suggestions and opinions on the draft statement of Philosophy of Quality of Care that Sensenbrenner Hospital will be implementing. Your feedback and opinions matter and are needed.


As a patient, you have the right to expect:

* The right to be treated compassionately, respectfully and professionally at all times.
* The right to participate in all decisions and choose the care and treatment that you will receive.
* The right to be provided complete information about your care, diagnosis and treatment.
* The right to be informed of the name of all health care practitioners providing you treatment.
* The right to receive care in a safe and clean environment.
* The right to confidentiality and privacy of all information and records of your care.
* The right to provide feedback to the hospital on the care you are receiving or have received.
* The right to receive health care that is commensurate with current standards of care and quality.

As a patient you have the responsibility to:

* The responsibility to participate in the care and the treatment provided.
* The responsibility to be respectful of other patients, visitors, health care providers and hospital employees.
* The responsibility to follow hospital rules and regulations regarding patient care and conduct.
* The responsibility to provide accurate information to your health care providers on your medical and personal information.
* The responsibility to ask questions when you do not understand or require additional information on the care you are receiving.
* The responsibility to provide feedback on the care that you have received.
* The responsibility to follow your care and treatment plan.
* The responsibility to assume accountability for decisions you have made about your treatment.




C. difficile Rates:
March 0.00 per 1529 patient days


April to June 0.00


April to June 0.00